Is your old smartphone performance is too bad? Learn how to boost your old Android or iPhone speed.


Wondering why your Android or iPhone speed is so slow? Working with a poor mobile performance is extremely frustrating, both on an iPhone or Android device.

Due to some basic issues of your device can make it slow down and that’s the reason you’re experiencing bad performance while working on a smartphone. One of the usual reasons behind the poor performance is your memory storage.

Memory storage capacity has performed the main role to increase and decrease your device performance. And also there are many factors that slow down your device performance. Let’s see how to fix and boost it back up.

1. Restart/Reboot Your Smartphone Device

When you restart or reboot your mobile phone, everything (Unnecessary bad data) that’s store in your device RAM is cleared out. So, you’re starting your mobile with a fresh new slate.

However, this process free ups your smartphone memory from a misbehaving app and killed all the recently open apps including the apps that running in your background.

2. Update Your Smartphone to its Latest Version (If Available)

Utilizing the older version in your device and not updating the smartphone software to its latest version that is one of the major reason behind your device performance.

When you update your device software its fixed previous bugs, enhance some functionality, append new features and remove outdated ones, giving extra speed and increase the performance of your device.

Here’re the steps to update your mobile software.

Step 1: Open your device Settings.

Step 2: For Android, Go to About phone or some devices directly show the System update option. For iPhone, navigate the Settings and then go to General and click on Software Update.

Step 3: Click on Download and install button at the bottom.

3. Clean Up Your Unused Data and Apps from Storage Space

Sometimes the unnecessary stored data or cache can also slow down your device performance. Even it’s a major reason.

When you’re running some apps on your device or working on your smartphone and if your device storage is full due to some malicious cache or unused large-size files then definitely you’re experiencing the bad performance.

So make sure before blaming your device, ensure your memory storage is free or not, and regularly clear the cache files. By default, the cleaner is available on your device. In case it is not then check again and go to some decent third-party apps if you want.

However, some apps take more storage space as well utilizing more RAM. That’s the reason you’ve facing hang issues or a particular app is directly crash and not responding when you continuously tapping on it. This all happens because of insufficient storage space in your device.

So, manually uninstall unused apps you no longer use. This method will definitely give you big changes in your device performance.

4. Avoid Third-Party Launchers

If you’re using an old smartphone then might be avoiding third-party launchers is the best way to enhance your device performance. Because some third-party launchers require huge storage space.

However, if your device is not properly optimized but still you’ll install the third-party launchers to give your old phone a new look that is more harmful to your device performance. So, if possible avoid third-party apps if your device is too old otherwise it’s your choice.

5. Go for Factory Reset

This method is our final option to boost your smartphone performance if the above methods do not work. This process will erase your all data, cache, accounts, photos or videos, and more items permanently from your smartphone.

Remember that if you’re going to perform the factory reset then do not forget to get the backup before erasing all the data. 

Follow the below steps to perform a factory reset.

Step 1: Launch your device Settings.

Step 2:  For Android, Tap on About phone and Select the Factory reset. For iPhone, Go to General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings

Step 3: On Factory reset, click the erase all data button to erase your mobile data permanently.  

Get Back Your Phone Performance

These all methods might be helpful to boost your smartphone performance; if these methods aren’t able to boost your device then it’s time to purchase a new smartphone.

However, one of the best methods to solve your entire issue is to clear your memory storage and restart your device.