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Hello Readers, Welcome to! A platform to learn about the latest technology. TechMythic is a Technical blog that provides plenty of helpful tips and tutorials about Mobile Applications, App Reviews, Tech Reviews, Exclusive Tech, and Mobile tips & tutorials. 

I personally authorize and handled this blog without any hired employees. So I will try to share more helpful and quality content on TechMythic. Also, the TechMythic blog is useful for all types of generation people.

If you are reading this slide, then you are interested in learning more about me and my blog. TechMythic started with a mission to spreading more knowledge about the internet and technology. 

About Me

I'm Pranav Ambadkar the Writer, founder, and author of the blog. I started TechMythic in March 2021 as a beginner without any blogging knowledge. I'm currently a student in Computer Engineering at Mumbai University.

I am punctual and like to do all my work throughout the day at the right time. I believe that a person should develop their professional skills & learn new things all the time.

So, that was a comprehensive little introduction about myself. Thank you so much for your pleasant visit and for spending your precious time reading about me. 

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Tech Mythic Vision & Mission

TechMythic vision is to continue spreading easy knowledge about technology, continuous satisfaction of our blog readers and viewers, and learning the new trending and high-scope technical materials.

At TechMythic Blog, Our mission is to spread and provide more technical information, awareness, accessible knowledge, software tooltips, comprehensive details about tech products, and more.

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