If you’re looking for a list of the best Email scheduling software tools to deliver your emails at a perfect time, then here you got the best tools to manage your emails.        


Scheduling your emails is an effective way if you want to improve your productivity in your business or another perspective. It saves more time and enhances your relationship with your email list by delivering your content at a convenient time. 

These tools are more helpful if you’re doing email marketing and you want to enhance your customer satisfaction with your content. So, let’s look at the list of best email scheduling software tools.

Disclosure: Before reading this full article, I want to tell you this article does not promote any software, so it doesn't contain any affiliate links. You can only choose one that fulfills your requirements. 


    1. Boomerang

    Boomerang is one of the best email scheduling software tools. The reason behind getting it first position as the best email scheduling tool is because of its features, UI, smart scheduling, and functionalities.

    Boomerang offers the ability to set important reminders and email scheduling. Whether you want to react to client emails or friend's emails, Boomerang can deliver automated emails on your behalf.

    Scheduling your marketing or any emails helps you to avoid the strain of sending your emails at your customer's convenient time. By this method, you reach more engagements and more customer satisfaction within your business.


    2. SendGrid

    With SendGrid, you can manage your emails and it allows you to send emails without having to maintain any email servers. This platform is more helpful for email marketing to engage your customers.

    It offers numerous types of email including sign-up confirmation, shipping alerts, and newsletters. If you’re doing email marketing, then this tool will help you to enhance customer satisfaction in your business.


    3. MailChimp

    With 20 million unique customers, Mailchimp is one of the best automation software for email marketing. With this tool, you can create your custom email templates and manage your entire email lists.

    Here you can automate your marketing without putting in your extra efforts, create landing pages, postcards, social advertisements, and more. Also, this tool can help you to store your images, files, and other documents in one suitable place to manage your all assets on one platform.


    4. ActiveCampaign

    It is one of the great email automation and CRM tool you should try this platform to improve your small or enterprise business. Along with this tool, you can improve your customer engagement by delivering automated emails based on their suitable timing.

    While it allows you to schedule your emails for a particular time, date, event, and holiday. Also, this tool provides the triggered emails that automatically deliver mails when your customers are most engrossed.

    However, by using autoresponders this tool sends welcome emails automatically to get more customers in touch. You can use ActiveCampaign tool free version for 14 days.


    5. Mailjet

    If you’re looking for the best email marketing software to deliver transactional emails then this software tool is the best option for you. Here you can create or edit stunning and responsive emails without putting in your extra effort.

    However, it offers several methods to integrate your customer information and segmentation for the advanced coder. Also, it provides you the Analytics feature to monitor your results and analyze your audience. 

    Deliver Your Emails at Perfect Time

    The above-listed software tools will help you to schedule your emails for a specific time and date. So you will get more customer satisfaction within your business. However,  this tool is valuable for growing your email marketing.