Here’re we listed the best navigation and GPS apps for your smartphone device.


In the modern tech world, the Navigation app is one of the essential things to find your perfect route easily and faster. Utilizing the GPS-based navigation apps in your smartphone device will save you more time and struggles to navigate your exact way to wherever you’re going.  

In this article, we listed the 7 best GPS navigation and map apps for both Android and iPhones users. And remember that we don’t sponsor any apps and not listed them in any particular order, we’ve just chosen the apps that we’re using in our daily routine for navigating the routes. So let’s see them one by one with brief details.  

Disclosure: This article doesn't promote any navigational apps. 

1. Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the well-known, faster, and great navigation platforms with its stunning features and advanced functionalities. It gives you real-time traffic updates, local suggestions for events, transit information, and more.

However, here you can save your favorite locations as well as download maps for offline use. The offline maps feature is one of the best and useful options that Google offers. When you go to other countries or unknown places where you lose your internet connection then this feature is most helpful for you.

It allows you to create lists of your favorite places and also you can share this list with your friends, family members, and others. In Google maps, you can review the places that you visited before with photos and places details. 

Compatibility: Android | iOS 


2. Apple Maps

If you’re an iPhone user, then this app is best for you. By default, this app is available on all iOS devices. Unfortunately, Android users can’t access or use Apple maps for navigation.

Apple maps offer a 3D satellite view feature to see the dimensions and building models perfectly. While it also gives you the remote free access control that’s more helpful when you’re driving.

Compatibility: iOS devices only.


3. iGO Navigation

If you’re a traveler and explore the world consistently then this app is more essential for you while traveling. With millions of users, this app is one of the great offline navigation apps that guides you during your journey.

It offers fast and diverse route options to navigate your next best route as well as its POI’s feature helps you to find your nearest restaurants, shops, landmarks, and more. A Junction View feature will help you to navigate your route when entering the enormous roadways.

However, here you can personalize your map like customize the map colors, its languages and also set your preferences. Also, it allows you voice navigation by its text to speech feature for remote access controls.

Compatibility: Android | iOS


4. Waze

With Waze, you can deliver your real-time traffic updates, routes, and more to enhance your driving experience. If you’re looking for good and easy UI-based apps then Waze is the best choice.

This app allows you to customize the voice setting on voice navigation like you can add your favorite celebrity voices and others to make it more interesting. With Android Auto and Carplay support, this app gives the best user experience. And here you can connect voice assistant and also some social platforms like Facebook.

Compatibility: Android | iOS


5. Magic Earth Navigation and Maps

Find your route with this app including some amazing features such as offline maps, GPS navigation system, and also crowdsourced traffic. It permits you to select the map views options like 2D, 3D, and satellite.

Here you can plan your route with multiple waypoints and spot your nearby parking places to park your vehicle easily. Like other navigations apps, this app also offers you live traffic updates, routes, and more information while navigating your route.

With this app, you can view your area temperature and local weather. Unfortunately, some features are not accessible or available for all countries and some feature compulsory require the internet connection to use them perfectly.

Compatibility: Android | iOS

6. Sygic 

If you’re an Android user then this app is best for you to navigate your route with 3D offline maps. Sygic gives you free map updates and also voice-guided GPS navigation.

With its Android auto connectivity feature, you can pair your Android device to your Car’s screen, and don’t worry you can control the app by your car’s knobs or touchscreen. It has display live traffic updates, speed limits, and also speed cameras.

Compatibility: Android | iOS 13 or later

7. Navitel

Navitel Navigator GPS and Maps is one of the popular navigation platforms that offer offline GPS navigation services and maps of 66 countries. It provides a modern and easy user-friendly interface to enhance the user experience.

It offers some great features like offline maps, voice navigation, accessible POI search by category, visual guidance, HUD, and more. Also, this navigation mobile app will show you the actual details about road warnings, dangerous places, road restrictions, and speed cameras.

Alternatively, this app provides three-dimensional maps with the texture and structure of floors. And also offers a customizable user interface.

Compatibility: Android | iOS