Want to manage your busy schedules by setting your working hours to help collaborators know your availability for a specific day or time. Here’s how to set it on Google Calendar. 


Google Calendar offers the great feature to set and provide your working day or week details to your collaborators. Working hours help you to enhance your productivity.

However, no matter you’re doing your work from home or office, this feature helps you to stay on your task and also increases your productivity. As productivity in the work is an essential factor for your healthy and successful business.

Even this feature is most helpful for your collaborators or co-workers to know and understand your availability for meetings or appointments. So they will know which time is best to work with you. 

Before going to read or implementing the procedure of setting your working hours on Google Calendar, make sure your account is through your work or school organization.

Unfortunately, this feature is not available for everyone or individual accounts. Google Calendar has only permitted this feature for school or work organizations.

But what happens if our account is through the work or school organization but still you don’t see this feature? In this situation, you’ll need to reach out to administrators for help.

How to Use Google Calendar to Set Your Working Hours

Here’s the step-by-step procedure to set your working hours on Google Calendar to enhance your work productivity.

Step 1: Open Chrome or any browser on your desktop and launch Google Calendar.

Step 2: Tap the cogwheel icon (Settings) and then go to Settings.

Step 3: On the Settings Page, you’ll see the General section.

Step 4: Under the General section, choose Working Hours and Enable working hours by tapping on the check box.

Step 5: Choose your working days or enter manually.

Step 6: Alternatively, change the time for each day.

Once you’ve following each instruction and finished your work to enable working hours, your settings will be saved automatically.

Boost Your Work Productivity with Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the great platforms for managing and scheduling your day or week and a particular time. Also, it is valuable for improving your richness, and efficiency in your workplace.

To enhance your work efficiency and work productivity, this feature is a great option for you if you’re using Google Calendar. This feature is fully customizable, it allows you to set the day as well as a particular time.

Your collaborators will easily understand your working hours by using this feature for meetings, events, or any appointments, or anything. Currently, this feature is not allowed for everyone. 

And don’t forget to use Copy times to all features if you have the same working hours each and every day. Hopefully, you can set your Working hours on Google Calendar by utilizing the above instructions.