These mobile apps will help you for planning and designing your room layout without hiring any professional designer. 


Disclosure: This article doesn’t sponsor any app and does not contain any affiliate links. The goal of this post is only to deliver detailed information about room planning apps, so you can easily select one of them for you. 

When we want to renovate our room or home, there planning and designing is quite difficult. And most of the designers get a huge amount for creating decoration and planning of your interior or exterior home design. So be your own designer and start creating your own room design planning.

Even you can create accurate and creative planning for your room design using these mobile apps.  Let’s look at the best room planning and interior designing apps for your smartphones.


1. Room Planner

Room Planner is a great app for home renovation and decoration planning. It offers pre-made room designs, a furniture catalog, and more amazing features.

With this app, you can find an interior design for your room from a comprehensive catalog. Also, you can create your own room design and layout planning. There are lots of furniture to choose from including doors and d├ęcor.  

However, if you want to use real furniture from IKEA stores you can go for its paid version. With the premium version, you can access more layouts, textures, designs, and more. The premium version of Room Planner cost is around $15 per month.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

2. Magicplan


It offers the ability to visualize your room and creates accurate planning for renovation. Through, its convenient features you can save more time while planning your home decoration.

You can use its scanner to recognize your room corners, objects, doors, wall heights, and more. This app is highly useful for getting quick floor plans.

You can go to this premium version for unlimited room plans and more extra and amazing features. This app will give around $15 per month for utilizing a premium subscription.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

3. Planner 5D

If you are looking for your interior and exterior home design, then this app is best for you. Using its user-friendly interface and pre-made designs, you can make effective planning for your room.

You can create floor designs for your kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, and other rooms. With its 2D and 3D mode, you can visualize your room design and customize as per your wish.

Compatibility: Android and iOS


4. Houzz


This app allows you to browse the home design ideas for renovating and decorating your home.

It offers you renovation guides, informative articles, home tours, decorating tricks, gardening tricks, and organizing tips, and so on. Whereas you can hire any local professional designers, architects, builders, and more.

However, here you can discover unique products and directly shop for your home. Like the Magicplan app, you can scan your home corners, the height of your room, and more using Houzz.

Compatibility: Android


5. Palette Home


Palette Home is one of the great apps for creating your own virtual room planning and designing. Using its editing options, you can choose the room’s dimensions, shape, furnishing, and other elements.

After completing your editing, you can conduct a home tour or specific room tour in 3D mode to identify your room textures and layouts looking good or not. Also, you can save your planning.

Compatibility: Android

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Create Your Own Room Design Using Mobile Apps

Accurate Planning for room interior or exterior design and layout has a much difficult process. Most people hire professionals for creative planning and designing, and the professional designer charges a huge amount for it.

But now you can create your own artistic design without being a professional on it. You just need to install these apps which help you to create your stunning room planning.

These mobile apps will show you the visual structure of your room or home and using it you can construct your room designing.