Do you know that Telegram has offered a wonderful feature to schedule your message for a later date or time? Here’s you know how it works and how you can use it. 


Telegram is one of the most popular cloud-based online messaging applications which provide high encryption and privacy. With this app, you can share and receive text messages, audio, videos, photos, voice chat, location, and any type of file.

However, this app provides a very useful feature to schedule your messages like a birthday wish, event reminder, and more. This app is alternatively working as Messenger and WhatsApp, but it allows us to schedule messages for later, which other messaging apps, not offers.


What is Schedule Message Feature in Telegram?

Telegram Schedule Message is one of the useful features to deliver your message at a particular time. With the Schedule Message feature, you can set your scheduled time or date to send a text message, images, videos, audios, and any kind of file.

This feature delivers your message to the receiver even if you are offline at your scheduled time. Also, you can use this feature to send a birthday wishes at midnight or remind someone of any kind of event.


How to Set Schedule Messages on Telegram

In Telegram, you can schedule your text messages, photos, videos in your individual account and Group for later. The above steps will expose you to how to schedule messages in Telegram.  

Step 1: Go to the Telegram app and Open any personal or group chats.

Step 2: Click on the message panel and type a message whatever you want, or if you want to schedule photos, videos or files then tap on the right corner paperclip attachment icon and select the photos or files.

Step 3: After creating text or selecting files on the text panel, now long-press on send button for few seconds.

Step 4: Select Schedule Message option.

Step 5: Set your desirable schedule time and date slot and click on Send button at bottom of your device interface.


How to Delete and View Schedule Message on Telegram

To delete, edit and view your scheduled messages, click on the Calendar icon in the message panel. 

Then if you change your mind and want to delete the schedule message then hold the message for two seconds then click on the top sidebar Delete button to delete the entire message or files.


Set Your Schedule Message on Telegram 

With the schedule message feature on telegram, it will automatically deliver your message and a reminder to the recipient on your scheduled time and date slot.

Also, this feature is most useful when we share important text, reminders for any important deadline, and meetings. After all, the good thing is Schedule message feature shares your message content to the recipient even if you're not online at your scheduled time.