Want to organize the messy emails that always irritate you while finding important mail. But don’t worry now you can organize them. Here’s how.


Gmail offers a label feature to organize your messy emails where you can create a new folder actually known as Create New Label. You can categories your important emails with their specific name using labels.

Basically, Gmail automatically arranges and sorts our emails into default categories i.e. Primary, Social, and Promotions which is convenient for assemble. But still, sometimes we received important emails and we want to organize them to access or referred easily.

    Why We Create a Folder or Label in Gmail?

    Actually, in Gmail, we can create labels not folders to organize our emails properly. Every day, we received several emails like promotion mails, social mails, and spam emails so they will mix in our inbox.

    However, these messy emails will be more irritating to find our important mail for referring them. To avoid that we can categories our emails using a folder known as a label. We can create a label and store our important emails to refer them easily.

    Steps to Create New Folder in Gmail by Using Labels

    Fortunately, you can create a new label not a folder in Gmail; folder is a convenient name that we used but actually, it’s a Label. Where the label works like a folder that helps to categories your messy emails. Follow our step-by-step guide to create a new folder in Gmail.

    Step 1: Open Gmail and Sign in to your Google account.

    Step 2: Click on the top right-side Setting button, and then tap on See all settings for more setting options where the Label setting occurred.


    Step 3: Tap on Labels, scroll down your screen using the mouse cursor until you reach the Create new label option. (Also you can find the Create New label option in Gmail's left sidebar.)

    Step 4: Then press on Create New Label option to create a new label.

    Step 5: After pressing on Create New Label, then the Popup window will appear on your screen.


    Step 6: Then add your label (folder) name and if you want to create a subfolder then tick the Nest label. The nest label is a subfolder that works under their parent folder.


    Step 7: In just a few seconds your new label will create, you can refresh your page and then it will appear on your Gmail left sidebar.

    Step 8: Now you can add your all-important emails one by one using drag and drop mails.

    In this way, you can create a new folder in your Gmail and organize them by convenient categories.

    Assemble Your Messy Emails Using Labels

    A well-sorted email will help you to find emails easily and it will improve your email productivity while you referring to any email.

    However, using the label feature in Gmail you can create a folder to retain your all emails in good order. Also, remember that in Gmail you can create a label, not a folder but the good thing is label works like a folder. So folder is a convenient name that we used.