Recently, WhatsApp has introduced its new feature known as View Once. Now, this feature is only available for specific data testers. Here you know how it works.


Basically, View Once is an expiring media feature where it helps to make your message, image, or video more secure or private. With the View once feature now you can send images or videos that can only be viewed at one time by the receiver. The View Once feature was confirmed by CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart where WABetaInfo is a website that tracks this feature first. 

How it works

The view once is useful for keeping your message more private. Using this feature you can set an image or video visibility limit for the recipient. When you enabled this feature or set view once and send an image or video to the receiver so he/she/they can only be viewed one time.  

If you are the receiver and sender set the images or videos on View Once mode then media will vanish after you close it.

Remember that currently, WhatsApp doesn’t work on screenshot detection, so if the receiver takes a screenshot or saves the video or image then WhatsApp won’t inform you.

The View Once a feature is available for both Groups and individual or personal accounts. While you set the View Once mode for Groups then you can see who spotted them in Whatsapp Message Info.

Really, this feature is more helpful for us to make our image or video private. Similarly, WhatsApp has also rolling two new features called Disappearing Mode and Multi-Device which is really awesome.

If something I missed in this article about View Once features then tells me in the comment box.

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