These mobile apps will help you to create attractive blurry background of your photos.


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Nowadays, capturing images and post them into social networks has more evolving. But for making them more beautiful we need to add some filters, effects, and add blurry background.

So you don’t need to be a professional editor and buy an SLR camera to make your image background blurry. You can use mobile apps to edit your image. Using mobile apps you can easily blur the background of your photos in just a few clicks. 

Here are the best free mobile apps to blur the background of your photos.


1. DSLR Image Blur


DSLR Image Blur app is one of the most accessible apps for adding blur effect on your image background. It allows lots of photo blurring tools.


In this app, you can easily blur your photo background without any SLR camera and a professional photo editor. It is a very easy-to-use and free app. In the free version, it shows some ads but that doesn’t matter. 

This app provides two effective features automatic and manual. In the manual option, you need to use your finger to touch on unwanted parts of your photo.


With blurriness seek bar you can adjust your image blur level and brush size where you can choose your custom photos that store on your device.

2. Auto Blur Background

Auto Blur Background the app helps create a blurred background automatically which detects the distinct object and adds blur effects to its background. 

There are plenty of features such as blur effects, overlay effect, bokeh effect, and automatically recognize the focus area. It comes from different realistic blur effects with aperture styles.

3. Blur Photo Editor



It is one of the best blur photo editor apps that give numerous blurry effects with blur camera to your photo background.  With an effective and powerful edit tools like Zoom, blur, unblur, blur camera, brush, popular templates and more.

You can adjust the blur intensity to give a great blur effect to the image background. This app mainly focuses on blur reality and the quality of images. You can use the blur camera feature to capture an instant photo with a blurry background.

Blur Photo Editor apps work on attractive UI and GUI to create awesome blur background of your photos. After creating the blurry background, you can save them on your gallery or share them directly on your social media account.

4. Square Blur

It is the simplest app that offers essential blur effects, high-quality images, able to make your photo in full size with amazing stickers and colorful filters.

This app allows you to add text to your photo using photo editor tools. With a blurred border and no crop layout, you can set the blurred background, black, white, and many colorful backgrounds.

It gives you the beautiful square blur on your photos, so you can use it for Instagram. Similarly, you can try the glitter effect to make your photo or video more attractive.

5. Point Blur


If you are looking for an app that gives strong privacy protection while sharing your photo on social networks then this app is for you.

You can hide faces, car license plates, fingerprints, personal information, and more. It gives three types of effects like mosaics, triangular and hexagonal selection to make you more stylish. You can easily crop the image to your suitable size of the image and blur it through a mosaic effect to a complete photo.  

Create Attractive Blur Background 

Create a blurry background of your preferred photo using mobile apps has quite easy. Adding blurry background to photos has made it more attractive and amazing.

The above apps provide decent features to make your blurry background more effective. Hope this app will help you to add blur background to your photos.

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