Every iPhone user wants to improve their iPhone charging speed and wants to get a good battery charging in a slighter time. So here’re some steps to charge your iPhone faster.


You may not able to charge your iPhone to full within 5 minutes but there are some ways to improve your charging process and save more time. Also here you determine how to maintain and preserve your iPhone battery. Here are 9 basic comprehensive tips to improve your iPhone charging speed.

The 9 Best Basic Steps For Faster Charging

Here's we'll provide easy steps that will help you to increase your iPhone charging speed.

1. Use High-Quality Cable & Convenient Power Adapter


Utilizing the best quality lightning cable with a compatible power adopter is a great method to charge your iPhone faster. Yeah, You required a giant power adapter to fast charge but if you used an excessive wattage charger for your old iPhone then it directly affected your device battery, hence sometimes it should be drained or swells. So keep your iPhone battery safe with a suitable charger.

When purchasing a charger there are variant cables and adapters available in the online and offline platform but when you use an Apple USB-C o Lightning cable has fast charging works and also you can pick one of these faster adapters like Apple 18W, 20W, 29W, 30W, 61W, 87W, and 96W per port and USB-PD chargers or third-party USB-C charger also consider for fastest adopters.

If your device is brand new and above iPhone 8 series, you can use any Apple charger with excessive wattage or any USB-PD adapters.  Shortly, you required a 20W or giant power adapter to charge your iPhone faster.

2. Keep Your iPhone in Low Power Mode

Turn on low power mode while charging your iPhone as it can stabilize charging and reduce background operations. Normally, When Low Power Mode is on some tasks might not work until you turn off the low power mode. Is low power mode good for iPhone battery?  Yes, it is completely safe or good for the iPhone battery.

Usually, iPhone or any device automatically turns off Low power after you charge it above 80% or excessive. Some consequence features affected low power mode includes automatic downloads, background app refresh, some visual effects, lock your device after 30 seconds, iCloud Photos, Email fetch, 5G usage.  

To switch on Low Power Mode in iPhone, either you can go to Control Center & quickly turn on it or open Setting, select Battery and turn on Low Power Mode. 



3. Turn off Cellular Data while Charging

Is it okay to charge a phone while cellular data is on? Absolutely, it is completely safe and good for your device (yet don’t use a mobile phone while charging). But if not urgent or not required internet then turn off your cellular data or Wi-Fi while charging. Because it’s one of the biggest energy sources to reduce your battery life is your device's Internet access or Wi-Fi connectivity and it takes more time to charged. Same with all the wireless interfaces like Bluetooth and GPS but it’s almost unnoticeable.


Cellular connectivity consumes high energy. When not connecting to Wi-Fi, our mobiles are continuously in search of the nearest tower as it emits the radioactive waves and constantly analyzing the strength of the mobile signal to get the best connection. It’s a high energy requirement task hence when our cellular data is on while charging it takes more time to charged.

Keep your iPhone cool while charging, it’s important for the fastest charging and operating your device at optimal levels.

4. Switch Off Your Mobile while Charging

Of Course, this step may inconvenience everyone or even me also. Because everyone gets the update from SMS, phone calls, remainder, emails and so many. Turning our mobile off even for a short time can be an inconvenience. Especially, In this pandemic period where all office or genuine works depend or proceed on Mobile or PC.

When you switch off your device it will definitely charge faster. In your free time try this tip, turn off your phone, plug it into the charger, see the result and check how much time it takes to charge your device fully. Absolutely, it takes a little more time to charge as compared to when your device turns on. Honestly, it works.

5. Enable Airplane Mode while Charging

If an entire shutdown isn’t an option the next step is to switch your device in Airplane Mode. Utilize Wi-Fi service if you required internet connectivity while charging.

If you unfamiliar with or don’t know what is Airplane Mode? Shortly, when you enable this mode your device will stop communicating and analyzing signal strength with the nearest cell tower.


When your device communicating with your nearest cell tower to give you a better network range, it consumes high energy to proceed with this procedure. As mobile phones emitting radioactive waves and constantly analyzing the mobile signal strength, Temporary Airplane Mode blocks this procedure and charges your mobile with high speed.

6. Stop All Background Running Operations or Unnecessary Downloading while Charging

While charging, it’s most important to keep your iPhone cool, and To keep your iPhone cool you’ll constantly clear or stop all background operations, it must help to charge your iPhone faster.

Before charging, if your iPhone is extremely hot, it’s not bad to remove your iPhone back cover. If it constantly happened then shift to the new case, avoid using a Metal/Steel case as it won’t ventilate your mobile, utilizing the fiber, plastic, or leather cover to keep your iPhone cool as a Winter.

To chunk, your device from outside temperature stay your device away from sunlight, place your device in a cool place and avoid setting it on top of any electronic devices.

Of course, when your mobile pause all background running operation or downloading it must be cool and if it’s cool so it can operate at optimal levels and you can charge your iPhone in just a few minutes.

7. Probably Avoid Wireless Chargers to Charge Your iPhone

It has been almost four years when Apple announced wireless charging abilities in its iPhones. Wireless chargers utilize a charging pad to transmit power using electromagnetic waves. 

Using this wave receiver coil embedded and transfer the electricity in waves form to your phone. Shortly, it has referred Qi technology method to charge your iPhone. Unfortunately, the efficiency of Qi charging is a disgrace than lightning cable charging.


Definitely, Wireless chargers are convenient for access, you can quickly connect your iPhone to the wireless charger but it an inconvenient to accelerate the speed of charging.

Certainly, Wireless charging is a new invention in the world, hence it requires some time to update itself and solve defects.  Compared to a cable charger wireless charger takes 30-80% extended time to fully charge your iPhone.

But it has some advantages like Qi charging gets the universal grading, most important it won’t harm your device or safe connection and no need to plug in or plug out constantly (High durability) and so on. But it should inconvenience you when you need to quick charge.

Literally, if you must then use the wireless charger if your device is iPhone 12 or above series, but avoid it when getting as much battery power.

8Properly Maintain Your iPhone Battery 

Sometimes the battery of your mobile drains quickly than normal, when it’s hot, high screen brightness, allowing lots of push notifications, utilizing some heavy graphic games like PUBG or Free fire, the number of apps running at the same time, or background downloading, even when not in use. This type of drain can damage your battery. 

Frequently asked the question, Why do our iPhone batteries drain even when not in use?  Even if you are not using your phone, there are some background operations which is constantly working, hence that slowly drains your iPhone battery anyway it’s normal. 

Why is our iPhone battery draining while charging? Only two reasons that our battery may be drain while charging if you are using a weak charger in heavy mobile batteries else you’re using a high wattage charge weak mobile batteries.  Let’s discuss how to maintain our iPhone battery or how to preserve it.

Certainly, you have always enabled Auto-brightness if not then set it, limit your push notification of unnecessary apps, put it on low power mode, disabled the tapping sound or screen locking sound, use battery optimization,  always keep your battery more than 20%, and don’t charge your mobile overnight. 

Using this kind of technique you can preserve or maintain your battery and if the battery condition is good then your iPhone charges faster.

9. Don’t Forget About Power Banks


As everyone is familiar with Power banks, it’s portable charger manufacture to recharge your mobile anywhere.

However, it’s more serviceable to have a charging backup plan for those times when electricity has gone or can’t plug your device in the charging port. Have a backup plan is not bad for our iPhone battery. 

When you’re going to work some outdoor activities it’s more beneficial at those times, perhaps it's safe guys but used good quality and convenient power banks for our smartphone as some power banks are too bulky.

Let’s Charged Your iPhone in Few Minutes

Follow these tips, try it and check the result now is your iPhone charge faster than before. However, if charging is still an issue, it’s possible to your iPhone's overall battery should internally be damaged.

I hope, these tips should help you to solve your problem and suggest some ideas to charge your iPhone faster.