Looking for the best free game development software tools to make your own comprehensive dream Game. So here are the 13 best Game development software tools that are worth it for every developer.


Disclosure: This article doesn't promote any software and does not contain any affiliate links. The aim of this article is only to share the information about game development software to make your own.

The game development tool is a useful way to develop your own Video Game at a low cost that every beginner would try to make the first video game. While developing your own video game needs high-quality graphics, premium plugins, coding knowledge, and miscellaneous things.

These Free Game development software tools will help you to create your own comprehensive video games and apps, whether you’re a beginner or professional experts alike.

    The 13 Best Free Game Development Software Tools

    Here’s a list of the best free game development software that is worth using in 2021 to develop your stunning Games.  

    1. Construct 3


    Construct 3 is a well-known Game development software tool; if you’re a beginner then Construct 3 has more value for you as you’ve never written a block of code to build your own Game.

    This platform doesn’t require programming knowledge to build your Game. It’s an absolutely GUI-driven, significantly drag-drop-based platform.

    Using Construct 3, you can create 2D games that look more eye-catchable. It is free to use the tool and helpful for beginners but it has some limitations like only 25 events provide,  no permission to sell your Game, no multiplayer, only export in HTML5. But if you’re an expert in this field, then you can go for its premium version that costs are $16.49/Month and $99/Annum with more freedoms and a personal license.

    Compatibility: Xbox One, Windows, Android, iOS, HTML5, macOS, Linux, and more. 

    2. Amazon Lumberyard


    Lumberyard is a free Game Engine released by one of the most well-known companies “Amazon”. It is integrated with the Amazon server with AWS & Twitch.

    However, it provides live streaming via Twitch. It has a cross-platform, so it holds multi-operating systems.

    This Game development engine is most familiar to create chat channel commands for your game. It allows you to create 2D and 3D graphics games. You can build a real-time online game that access by AWS.

    With some amazing features such as a robust & flexible networking subsystem, customized tool layout, dynamic content & leaderboard, you can easily create a Game.

    Compatibility: Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, iOS, Android 

    3. Godot Engine    

    It is a feature-packed tool. You can use it to create your own games or apps. Godot Engine was initially developed in a Latin American company.

    It supports JavaScript, Python, Scripting, GD Script, and Visual Script, C, C++ and C# programming languages to build your Game. It's a completely auto-exposure-based platform.

    Although, it provides some amazing features like light shadow bias, fully real-time global illumination, GPU-based particle collision & attractors, GPU texture compressor, and DTLS Multiplayer encryption. It is a free platform and offers Open Source under MIT license

    Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, BJD, Android, iOS, HTML5, Web.

    4. Defold 


    Defold is a gratuitous and free-to-use (Open source) Console Game building platform that provides a developer-friendly license. As it is GUI based platform, you can create a Game without a block of code.                      

    However, during Game development on Defold if you have any obstacle or query you can use their forums and FAQ.

    Compatibility: Windows, Android, iOS, HTML5, macOS, Linux, Microsoft store, Steam, Nintendo Switch.

    5. Unity

    Unity is one of the oldest and popular game development software released by Unity Technologies in 2005. It works on multiple platforms where it assists around 20 different ambition platforms. Also, it’s an aspect of the object’s behavior and logic.

    It allows you to make 2D, 3D, VR, and AR graphic-based Games. It is available in both free and paid versions. It has 3 plans that are Plus for $399/year gives more functionality, Pro is $1,800/year get the ideas for professional creation and Enterprise (Buy it if you’re organization ) in $200/Month.

    Compatibility: Xbox One, Windows, Android, iOS, HTML5, macOS, Linux, PlayStation,  Nintendo Switch, Facebook, Gear VR, steam VR, daydream, Samsung Smart TV, Tizen & more.

    6. Solar 2D (Corona)

    Corona is rebranding as a Solar 2D. Solar 2D is a free-cost Game development engine that builds the 2D game where it offers the Corona SDK. Also, it holds high-level language over rapid development.

    Additionally, it’s a great community with lots of tutorials mainly helpful for Beginners. It comes with an open-source scripting language design and several plugins.

    It doesn’t require any royalties & subscription to build your Games, which accord Open Source under permissive MIT License.

    Compatibility: Android, iOS,  macOS desktop, Windows, tvOS, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Android TV, and Fire TV.

    7. GameMaker Studio 2

    GameMaker Studio 2 is a beginner-friendly free and paid software tool to build your own Game while it holds the drag-drop visual interface (automatically calling function, working with data structures) valuable for beginners.

    It comes with a C-like scripting language with a lot of flexibility. You can append 2D, Vector Graphics, and 2D skeletal animation in your game to make it attractive.

    In this platform, you can use third-party extensions; grant multiplayer networking, and real-time analytic.

    Its free version is functional for beginners but it has some limitations like only 30 days you can use it from when you activate your account, no permission to sell your Game but you can use the Marketplace to obtain paid/free benefits sold by others. And if you have expertise in Game development and want to use this platform then its premium version is valuable for you.

    It has 3 plans that’s Creator from $39/Annum, Second Developer which issue Lifetime/Permanent authority starting from $99 for Desktop, $149 for Web, $199 for Mobile, $199 for UMP(Universal Windows Platform) and the last plan is for Console Platform $799/Annum for PlayStation, $799 USD/Annum for Xbox, $799/Annum for Nintendo Switch, $1500 for Ultimate.

    Compatibility: Ubuntu, Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, HTML5, UWP, Xbox one, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Android TV, Fire TV, and more.

    8. Unreal Engine 4

    Unreal Engine 4 is a well-known professional Game Development platform valuable for experts where it has a huge developer community with lots of tutorials available in Unreal Engine YouTube the channel which furnished the step-step guidance.

    Unreal Engine useful for film making, post-processing effects, artificial intelligence, high-quality visuals, add extensive plugins, and so on. It contains a blueprint so no code requires, cutting-edge engine, post-processing efforts, and cinematic services.

    It gets the liberty of the entire engine but if you make over $3000 per quarter Unreal will takes 5% royalty.

    Compatibility: Android, Linux, Windows, Xbox One, iOS, HTML5, PlayStation 5, Mac, Oculus VR, and more.

    9. RPG Maker MZ

    If you’re looking for a platform that doesn’t require coding skills to develop a Game then RPG Maker MZ is valuable for you. RPG Maker MZ is a free Game Development software tool based on custom code & plugins.

    Additionally, it offers an asset store, character generator, and map editors. It gives the 30 days free license to use it.

    Compatibility: Android, iOS, macOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2 & 4, Nintendo Switch 4, Nintendo 3DS, Linux, Saga Saturn, MSX2, Super Famicom, and more.

    10. COCOS2d-X

    Like RPG Maker MZ, COCOS2d-X is also giving the multiple platforms and GUI based (drag-drop interface) services.

    COCOS2d-X is a costless software to develop a game and apps which contain some autonomous editors like Sprite-Sheet editing, Animation, Skeletal, Multi-resolution devices textures, a Tilemap, and so on.

    It holds the number of editors, image filtering effects, and multi-resolution device textures. You can use Scripting Languages, C++, HTML5, C#, Lua to develop your game in it. One of the popular games Hill Climb Racing is building using this platform.

    Compatibility: Android, iOS, macOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Linux, and more.

    11. CryEngine

    CryEngine is a free, open-source, and up-to-date Game development software. It has provided color grading, blend layer, irradiance volume, and more plugins.

    With screen space directional occlusion, data-driven sound system, character animation system, blend layer, and Visual Budget system; you can design stunning games.

    Compatibility: Linux, windows, Android, iOS, PlayStation 3 & 4, Xbox one, Xbox 360, Wii U and more.

    12. Cerberus-X

    Cerberus-X is a lightweight free game development software tool that helps to make a 2D game for beginners. It’s offered the Mojo framework services to build your game more functioning. It has a powerful graphics API.

    Apart from that, it has the Mojo lightweight framework and asset game controller. The best thing about this tool is that it supports super-fast graphics to draw anything.

    Compatibility: Linux, windows (10.15.x), Android, iOS, HTML5 and more.

    13. Blender Game Engine

    If you’re looking for a portability 3D game engine, Blender Game Engine has you covered. Blender Game Engine is a costless, GNU source available platform.

    It supports multi-textures, ton shading, animation, parallax mapping, pixel lighting, mapping nodes, and more interfaces. Moreover, it holds a graphical logic bricks system, GLSL vertex paint texture blending, and graphical logic editor for depicting interactive behavior without coding.

    CompatibilityAndroid, iOS, Linux, windows, and so on.

    Get Ready to Build Your Own Game

    Free Game development is a great way to start developing your first dream game. In this article, I highlighted and created the top best free Game Development software worth using in 2021.

    Every Free Software Tools on this article is aimed at helping a beginner and experts alike who want to start their carrier on Game development. As well as this page covered the description of the software tools.

    For beginners, I recommend you first go on Free software. Once you're professional in the game development field, you get the Paid platform and start making the comprehensive game.

    There are numerous platforms to develop a stunning  Game but here I listed some specific software tools if I miss any platform in this article, please share your belief with me in the comment section.